Homewood is already experiencing redevelopment, and the last three years have brought increased growth and investment to the community.

Recent Major Construction Projects

Major new construction and renovation projects have occurred in the last three year. They include:

  • Bethany Baptist Church Sanctuary Addition
  • Everyday Café and Senior Housing Building
  • University of Pittsburgh Community Engagement Center
  • University of Pittsburgh Innovation Center and Maker Space
  • University of Pittsburgh Manufacturing Assistance Center
  • 7800 Susquehanna Street Building

But the most important change in Homewood is the human development. Hope is being restored. As people see these new developments, there is a revitalization of the spirit.

Current Major Construction Projects

  • Habitat for Humanity – 4 new homes are being constructed on Frankstown Road

  • Kelly Hamilton – 58 housing units are being constructed by KBK Enterprises

  • University of Pittsburgh Wellness Center

  • Susquehanna Phase 2

Upcoming Major Projects

  • Givner Building by Operation Better Block
  • Lexington Park – 200+ housing units, mixed income, mixed use
  • North Homewood Ave – Development of mixed-use commercial and residential units on the main street
  • Own Our Own Entrepreneurial Center
  • 400+ housing units
  • Stargell Field Redevelopment

Development is bringing hope and optimism.
The major change in Homewood today is in the renewed spirit of the community.