Over the years, several studies have been conducted in Homewood. These studies on crime, housing, public transportation, and more, along with the community plan will serve as guides in creating new initiatives for the community.

race street 20/20 vision study Homewood

Race Street 20/20 Vision

Prepared for The Save Race Street Committee and Race Street Residents.

Neighborhood Cluster Report

A detailed land use vision for Homewood’s future based on the needs and desires of existing, present-day community stakeholders.

Homewood: A Community Profile

Prepared by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services for the Homewood Children’s Village in October 2009.

homewood strategic plan

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan created by the Homewood-Brushton Community Coalition Organization.

Housing Plan

Housing Development Plan created by the Homewood-Brushton Community Coalition Organization.

trid study homewood

TRID Study

A plan to revitalize Homewood’s busway station using TRID’s funds (Transit Revitalization Investment District) to initiate neighborhood improvements and development projects.

tod study homewood

Transit Study

Transit Development Study prepared for the URA and City of Pittsburgh Planning Authority.

bridging the busway transit study, homewood

Bridging the Busway

A community-driven planning vision for Homewood and Point Breeze North, explores the potential for building market strength through transit oriented development around the MLK Jr. East Busway’s Homewood Station.

Homewood in the 21st Century

Study by The Urban and Regional Analysis program at the University Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR).

CMU Crime Study

An assessment of the situational opportunities of criminal activity and the social characteristics in Homewood to guide the implementation of a crime reduction strategy.