Many of Homewood’s stakeholders have come together to bring change to Homewood. These leaders have created the Homewood Community Development Collaborative.

The Collaborative is a group of community-based organizations that have been operating in Homewood for years. These organizations have each been working independently toward addressing specific community problems. The purpose of the Collaborative is to allow these organizations to remain independent, but working together to facilitate a unified, comprehensive development process that addresses holistically the needs of the community.

We have developed a series of agreements to do so because we will have a far greater impact together than they can have individually, and we will each benefit from access to greater funding and management expertise.

The leadership of the Collaborative is also committed to creating a fully inclusive planning environment that provides all members of the community with an opportunity to contribute.

The Collaborative's mission is to achieve outcomes that enhance the life experiences of all residents, by the organizations achieving outcomes that exceed the capacity of individual organizations.

Our Core Funding Principles are


The HCDC will serve as the entry point for all development activity within the Homewood community.


Community stakeholders will be the primary voices in determining the future of Homewood.


Key priorities include:
•    No forced displacement of current residents.
•    Renovation of existing homes and properties first; demolition and replacement when necessary.
•    Communications among all Homewood stakeholders will be fluid and transparent.


Homewood land held by public agencies will first be used for the benefit of Homewood residents. All discussions regarding the use and disposition of publicly-owned land in Homewood will include the membership of the Homewood Collaborative.


Clear paths of communication will be established to guarantee an unimpeded flow of relevant information among all community partners.


Cooperation with adjacent communities, neighborhoods, and municipalities will be achieved whenever the interests of all parties can be served equitably.


All Homewood development will contribute to creating an improved environment for current and future residents.

Today nine organizations make up the Homewood Collaborative. Each has its own leadership and agenda, yet each has agreed to support and participate in the Collaborative's comprehensive plan, working together as a cohesive team.

The non-profits that comprise the Collaborative are: