On Tuesday, April 23, the Homewood Comprehensive Community Plan was unveiled to the community by the Mayor Peduto, Councilman Burgess, Representative Gainey, and the Homewood Community Development Collaborative.

The plan includes the steps for inclusive and sustainable redevelopment through 21 goals from improving after school programs to increased transit access, and plans to tackle affordable housing and vacant land. The plan was developed with the support of the Department of City Planning and consults, who worked with dozens of residents and community leaders to craft the goals laid out in the plan.

A digital copy of the plan can be found here.

Printed copies are available for review at the Homewood YMCA, the Homewood YWCA, Operation Better Block, the Homewood Library, the Community Empowerment Association and the University of Pittsburgh’s Community Engagement Center.

The Planning Commission will use the plan as a road map for future development projects in Homewood.  Follow City of Pittsburgh Planning – Homewood Community Plan here.

homewood community plan

Read the Community Plan presented to residents on April 23.

Mayor Bill Peduto
Mayor Bill Peduto

"We’re seeing that development is starting to happen in Homewood and we want to get ahead of it with a community-based development plan for the neighborhood."